Here at Al's Gym we can cater to all aspects of fitness and training, Ranging from strength training to weight loss and cardiovascular. If you are looking to shed unwanted pounds or pile on the muscle we have the facilities and the staff to help you achieve your goal.

Facility 1. Strength Training

Looking to up your strength or to pile on lean muscle then come in and check out our MASSIVE range of ​strength and weight training equipment. These include 3 Sets of dumbbells ranging from 5kg all the way up to 50kg, plus our strongman training area which features a free weight bench a smith machine a squat rack and a 3 stage chest press  all loaded by our HUGE stock of Olympic weights that range from 1kg disc's to 50kg ​​plates.


Facility 2. Cardiovascular

If you are looking to burn fat or to improve your overall fitness then look no further than out fantastic cardio range, Which includes 2x exercise bikes, 2x steppers, 2x cross trainers, 2x treadmills and a concept 2 rowing machine. All perfect for getting in the best shape of your life.​

Facility 3. Slimming & Toning 


Want to be leaner and more toned ? then feel free to make use of our dedicated floor space for all your stretching and floor exercise needs. We also have a range of kettle bells and smaller plastic dumbbells to up the intensity of your workouts. mix all that with light weights and you will be a lean mean beach body machine.

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